Make sourdough bread in an exceptional setting!

Make sourdough bread in an exceptional setting!

Do you want to discover all the secrets to making extraordinary sourdough bread, share a convivial and gourmet moment, all accompanied by a tasting of the wines selected and presented by the winemaker himself?

I offer you a workshop

" Sourdough while sipping a glass of wine "

in an exceptional setting

at Château Rochefort where I have prepared many surprises for you.

Share a unique experience

Create with your hands

Taste local products

Natural sourdough bread

Welcome drink

Our workshop already begins on arrival at the estate with the discovery of a delicious aperitif wine that we will sip during the workshop. A privileged moment since part of the domain will be reserved exclusively for us.


The secrets of good sourdough bread

Always wanted to know the tips for making a good puffy and airy sourdough bread?
You're at the right place! I'm going to share my secret techniques that make your bread look and taste really great.

You will have my simple method for creating natural sourdough bread, step by step. You will be able to marvel at having a warm and succulent bread at home with all the benefits of sourdough since we will also see how to create, activate and maintain a natural sourdough.


You will even leave with my fresh sourdough starter.

A tasty  discovery of the Swiss terroir

Since I love sharing warm and friendly moments, we are going to recharge our batteries with an aperitif where I will share my favorite delicacies!

I will make you discover products of our soil while savouring the bread that we are going to bake all together accompanied by the wines of the domain.

A special moment with the winemaker

Let's not forget to sip a glass of wine! The winemaker of the estate will take us on a journey through his estate through the stories he will share with us during the tasting.

An exceptional moment with a local winemaker who will introduce us to little-known flavors.

Goodie bag and souvenir bottle

The end will be the beginning of a wonderful adventure! Over the years, I have made my selection of essential tools for a successful sourdough bread that you will take home.

These tools will be accompanied by a bottle of wine, Your Own Bread recipe and tips book, and my fresh sourdough starter.